Saturday, October 3, 2015

Q's Huddle Buzz Vol. 4 No. 5

WINCHESTER, Va. – Junior Qlyl Middelijn is in his second season of blogging out the football program. This week, Q previews the big game tomorrow night against Bridgewater.

It's Homecoming Week Hornets!! It's time for friends, families, and alumni to return to campus and enjoy all festivities and contests. We are hungry for our Saturday night contest against our rivals, the Bridgewater Eagles.

We couldn't ask for a more exciting game to play in. Both teams coming off a bye week, having two weeks to prepare for the game, all of the work has been put in now and it's time to execute. Domination of the game will be displayed thoroughly throughout the night.

Nothing will stop the Hornets from successfully winning this game, not outside distractions, definitely not the Eagles, not even the weather will stop from getting another W in our record column.

As I stated before, two weeks of practice has equipped us with the tools for victory, although I must say we've had two different type of practice weeks when referring to the weather. First week of practice was very sunny but also cool - perfect weather to play football. The second week of practice was a plethora of rain each day. It was very hard to catch the ball in the rain and remain warm as well. Also, the rain adds extra weight to the padding and clothing.

However, no excuses will be made. We will not disappoint our alumni. The alums will be very pleased with the outcome of the game. We ask that every one be dressed in all red. It's a #RedDawn type of night. GO HORNETS!!!

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