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Redskins WR DeSean Jackson comments from Day 5 Redskins Training Camp by Redskins PR

August 3, 2015  
Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center – Richmond, Va.

 Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson

On his goals for the upcoming season:

"I think every year you come back to training camp and  just being a professional athlete, you expect high standards from yourself and from your teammates. Carrying off from last year, I think it was a disappointing year for us across the whole board and whole organization. I think we need to do a good job of giving ourselves a good position early in the season to kind of set it up for the end of the year. I think the work has been put in – the offseason, new additions, new coaches – the whole nine. I think we’re very comfortable with where we’re at with the talent level, the coaches and everything. Our work is done on that field in between them lines, so I think we’re doing that and everybody is moving towards one common goal."

On if his familiarity with the quarterbacks from last year will help moving forward:

"It’s definitely a great thing to have quarterbacks that you’re used to dealing with. Last year we played with three different quarterbacks. As long as I think them guys can stay healthy, we can get the best out of them. Not put too much pressure – it’s everybody across the board, it’s a team sport – it’s not a one man game. I think everybody has to be held accountable, everybody has to take their game up to another notch to get the results we need."

On his reality series, DeSean Jackson: Home Team, on BET:

“It’s just an opportunity I had. That’s offseason-type stuff. I’m at work doing my first job. That’s what I’m focused on. I know what’s important. I know where my breadwinner is, and that’s actually being a professional athlete and playing at a high level. So what I do in the offseason is obviously what I choose to do and I’m here now, ready to work and focus on the season.”

On if taping for the entire season is complete:

“Yes, sir.”

On the progress he has seen from quarterbacks Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy:
“I honestly think I definitely have seen progression in RGIII and all the other quarterbacks this year too, as well – Kirk and Colt. I think it’s a year-to-year base — them guys are young. They have some experience early in their career. They just kind of have to build on that. But I’ve definitely been seeing them guys out here making some great throws, tremendous reads and getting the ball to where it needs to go to at the right time.”

On if the quarterbacks are now anticipating his speed:

“Really, that comes with practice. The more we go and take reps, the more we go out on the field and play catch and things like that, but I definitely think they’re anticipating out there. They’re letting me run under the ball. They’re giving me the opportunities to make plays down the field. As a receiver and as someone that has the speed that’s able to break the coverage off the defenses, that’s all you kind of ask for. They’re doing a good job with that right now.”

On if he sees himself in rookie wide receiver Jamison Crowder:

“Yeah, man. He’s actually very impressive. I saw that early on in the OTAs for the time I was here. So far in camp, he’s been lighting it up. I can remember when I first came in the league I was young and I like that. They’re putting him in there, they’re throwing him in there to see everything he can do and he’s actually coming out with some great results. As long as he can keep making them plays and doing what he needs to do, being a little guy in this league and shiftier and things like that, he’s going to be able to make some big plays and be a big name in this league if he continues to do that.”

On facing the veterans in the secondary:

“It’s a competitive game. We play this game at a high level. As far the receivers here that’s on this team, we all have been very successful playing in this league. You know, Pierre [Garçon], Dre [Andre Roberts], other guys –
Ryan [Grant] is a good talent, he’s going on his second year, I think we’re very confident in ourselves so anytime we go out there, we always want to win. That’s the competitive nature of being a wide receiver. On the other end, as far as the DBs, they’re competing, they’re doing the things they need to do to get better. It’s all about work, putting in that work. So as long as we’re able to get good work and they’re able to get good work, we’re all teammates. We want everybody to do good at the end of the day. We still have to work and still have to compete, so I’m just interested in how that goes once the season comes along and we start playing other teams.”

On having a mother and sister that aren’t afraid to challenge him:

“I think it definitely is a challenge to have people in my life that care for my well-being. It’s just doing the right things, going out there and making the last name Jackson actually look good and the Redskins as well too because I’m working for them. They stay on top of me for every little thing I do, as I said a hundred times, I’m still a grown man and I’m the one who’s making decisions. I think the balance is good. I appreciate them for what they do and they keep me balanced. I think everybody kind of needs that in their life, someone to balance them, someone to tell you when you’re doing things wrong or when you’re doing things right just still to be able to listen and take criticism from other people.”

On his relationship with cornerback Chris Culliver

“Well, actually, this is my first year really getting to know him and really being friends with him. Before in the past we’ve kind of had times where we played against each other when I was in Philly and last year when we played in San Francisco. As far as his skills, I think he’s a great skill player. He’s a good cover corner in this league and he’s had some good success. To have him be an addition to this team, I think it definitely is a great thing to have. Anytime you’re able to get a guy that started and started well and had success to come into your team and fit right in right away and make some plays, that’s what you look forward to. I think our relationship has been going good. We’re talking to each other, talking about things on the field, just hanging out and being friends."

On his finger:

“It’s cool, it’s just a little dislocated. I popped it back in place. I’m good. I’ll be all right – it’s just a finger."

On Culliver’s skills and his approach to covering Jackson:

“He’s a cover corner. He’s one of them guys who is going to sit off and read. He’s going to read the quarterback, he’s going to play his technique and do things to that type of nature. As far as what challenges me, I don’t really get caught up in any of that type of stuff because I’m comfortable and confident in myself that I don’t think no one could guard me [smiling]. I mean he’s a good player, don’t get nothing wrong away from him. It’s just how I feel about myself. I don’t feel no one could stop me – you could go get Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman, whoever you want to get, but at the end of the day, we’re competing. We’re out here, we’re working and that’s all that matters. As long as we’re able to get the best out of each other every rep and do what we need to do to work to get better, that’s what’s going on right now."

On being labeled a “playmaker” and if he would like to do more:

“I would always love to do more. If my number could get called a little more, I definitely would love that. I feel great where we are at right now. I’m just an addition to other players on this team. I do what I do good but there are several players on this team too that could do some great things as well too. Whatever opportunity I get, every change I get the opportunity to make a play, I’m going to make the most out of my skills to score touchdowns, have energy to light my team up, to get everybody riled up to continue to go out on the field and just play at a high level. I just try to set the tempo by playing at a high level and then everybody else can kind of follow.”

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