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Redskins Coach Jay Gruden comments from Day 3 Redskins Training Camp by Redskins PR

August 1, 2015

Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center – Richmond, Va.

Head Coach Jay Gruden

Redskins Coach Jay Gruden   James Murphy/CCS
On cornerback Bashaud Breeland:
“I think we got the best case scenario, probably, for what we thought. While he was withering in pain there we thought it was pretty bad, but it looks like it probably will be four to six weeks. He's a fast healer. Similar thing happened to him last year and he healed pretty quickly. We'll take it day by day, see how it is.”

On if cornerback Justin Rogers could fill that role in the slot:
“We have Justin Rogers, we drafted Tevin Mitchel. He was a nickel in college at Arkansas and he's going to get some reps. We're going to try Kyshoen [Jarrett] in there a little bit today so we’ve got some guys in there to fill in.”

On the assets of a franchise quarterback:
“I think the successful ones that you're talking about, they've done it game in and game out, year in and year out, you know? Unfortunately for Robert, he's had one great year – his rookie year – then he had a couple injury issues, so he hasn't been able to put back-to-back years together yet. He's got the talent, obviously the arm strength, the mobility that you're looking for. We've just got to keep him on the field healthy and he's got to continue to develop.”

On if Breeland’s injury is definitely to his knee:
“Yes… MCL.”

On cornerback David Amerson:
"We feel like he’s a corner and he came in as a corner. Certain guys we feel like are better suited to play outside – certain guys, their skillset is better suited to play inside. That’s not to say he won’t do it. We might try him in there later but right now were going to stick with Justin [Rogers], Tevin [Mitchel] and try Kyshoen [Jarrett] in there."

On guard Spencer Long and tackle Brandon Scherff:
"That’s just where they are – they’re developing. Spencer’s got a little bit of a leg-up because he had all of last year. I mentioned it before, Spencer missed a lot of his senior year, so he didn’t get as many reps and he was still developing. Last year, [he] got to suit up a quite a bit but didn’t get a lot of playing time. He’s come along very well. He’s got the terminology down, he’s got the system down, he’s got the position. He’s very comfortable.  Last year he was moving left guard, right guard, we even tried him a little bit at center.  He’s kind of penciled in right now at right guard where he’s getting comfortable so I think he’s doing a really good job. And Brandon, he’s a rookie, you know? He’s got a lot to pick up in a short amount of time. Week 1 we have Cameron Wake coming right at him, so he’s got to pick it up quickly. He’s played right tackle and right guard in training camp and he’s doing a wonderful job so far. A long way to go, a lot to learn, he’s going to learn from the best, one of the best. Ryan Kerrigan is showing him the ropes a little bit and we’re going to use that knowledge and that experience to his advantage, that’s for sure."

On the offseason conditioning program:
"I feel great about it. Coach [Mike] Clark and Chad [Englehart], they’ve done an excellent job with these guys and the guys have done a good job of buying in. It’s one thing to have a great program but it’s another thing to have the guys actually buy into it and work at it. All our guys have really done a good job all the way down the roster. We haven’t had any weight issues, so to speak. We had a couple of guys overweight, but we think some of that was muscle. For the most part, everybody has done a good job. Hats off to Coach Clark – these guys are running around good.  Today will be a good test for them. It’s hot and first day with full pads, so we’ll see how they are."

On why safety Kyshoen Jarrett might be an option at the nickel spot:
"Well, you’ve got the mobility that you're looking for. He has a quick change in direction, he's an athletic kid, and he's smart. He has picked up both safety positions relatively easily and feels good about moving into nickel. We had a walkthrough this morning where we did some two-minute and he went in there and did a good job."

On how Amerson has responded to the competition for his position:
"Well, you know, nothing is etched in stone right now. You know, all depth charts are done in pencil, and we have erasers on our pencils. So he's out here competing and he's played a lot of football here for the Washington Redskins and we plan on using David quite a bit. The more cover guys you have in the building, the better off you are. He is going to get enough playing time this year. He's continuing to compete and he is doing some good things. We'll see where it is, but there is a chance he could move inside. Right now we want to keep him outside learning the new system."

On if miscommunications in the secondary are just a function of new players learning to communicate with one another:
"No doubt, we have breakdowns on offense too every now and then. It's all about communication. Successful teams have great communication and don't let those things happen. We've had some OTA practices. This is our first [padded] practice. Second practice yesterday, and there still are going to be communication issues. We’ve got to make sure we master them by the time we get to Miami, but there will be more of those to come. That’s why we have all these coaches out here to make sure we do not have them on game day, but I feel good with our process of teaching these guys the system. They are coming along at a good rate, just got to keep with it."

On safety Dashon Goldson:
“He’s a tough football player and he’s a great leader. Scot [McCloughan] had him in San Francisco and knew a lot about him when we watched him on tape and we thought he had a lot left in his tank. I don’t know why Tampa Bay did what they did. We’re glad we got him though because he has come in here and he’s a very smart football player. He’s a natural leader in the locker room and the defensive back room. He holds guys to a high standard and guys like that are hard to find. We think he does have a lot left in the tank. We know he is a physical football player, there’s no question about that. Getting to know him over the course of the OTAs, I did not know about his leadership and I did not know how smart he was, and I’m very impressed with those two traits also.”

On linebacker Junior Galette:
“He’s really been working with the trainer and conditioning coach. We just want to make sure he is ready to roll when by the time we stick the pads on him. He needs a couple days to not only to learn the terminology, but just to make sure his body’s right. We didn’t have him in the OTAs obviously, we didn’t have him in the summer, we didn’t keep in touch with him, so we just want to make sure we go through the process to make sure he’s ready to roll. But he’s flexible – I’ve seen him stretch, that’s for sure [laughter].”

On having another veteran coaching presence with Bill Callahan:
“It’s great. We have veterans across the board. We have Coach [Matt] Cavanaugh, who brings a wealth of experience, obviously. Coach [Perry] Fewell and Joe Barry’s been around the block, but Coach Callahan has got head coaching experience and we’re relying heavy on his input on game day and obviously for our preparation. Most of all, he does a great job with the offensive line and developing players, not just taking Pro Bowlers that are already Pro Bowlers. He takes young players and develops them into possible Pro Bowlers. That’s what we’re looking for. We’ve got a good young football team here and the coaches that can develop players, that’s what we’re looking for.”

On if cornerback Deshazor Everett fits the mold of a tough player who can contribute on special teams:
“Yeah, no doubt about it. That’s why he’s here.”

On if the intensity ratchets up for padded practices:
“A little bit. I think they got out here, the fans are out here – they didn’t realize how hot it was, number one, so they’re a little worried about that – but I think the majority of the guys are excited, especially the young guys, man. They’re probably a little bit nervous, so to speak, but it’s going to be a great day. We’re going to challenge these guys. We’ve got some one-on-one drills, some physical blitz periods going, so they’ll strap it up and compete.”

On the community’s role in helping the team win:
“A very big role… Home field advantage is a crucial part of pro football, I think, in the National Football League. I think you get the most out of your home field advantage. We’ve got to do a better job of protecting our home field and doing a good job of keeping our fans in it for four quarters. And we’ll keep working on that. But our home crowd has been excellent. They’ve been loyal. They’ve been passionate. And that should stay the same. But we’ve got to give more reason to cheer and get them loud and give the opposing offenses tough times when it’s time.”

On what it means that players are recruiting players from other teams:
“Yeah, that’s a big part of the free agent process and getting players here from other teams. You have to have some familiarity and having [Chris] Baker get Terrance [Knighton] and tell him that it’s a good place to be is important. I’m sure money has a lot to do with it, and the contract and the guarantees stuff and all the things that go with it, but if it’s close between here and another place and they have some good friends that say it’s a good place to be and it’s a place on the rise, then we’ll get them. And luckily we have some guys that have been around who know some good players.”

On if he’d prefer to have his players hit more if it were not against the CBA:
“Well, you know, it's a fine line nowadays, I'll tell you, because you want to get guys ready, you want to see who the toughest guys on your team are and it takes repetition. It takes a lot of work. But also, you want to keep your guys healthy for Week 1. It's a very long season playing 16 football games, and you don't want to wear guys out by Week 3. I think, right now, the system we have in place is pretty good. I think OTAs, in the offseason, I'd like to do a little more with them, but right now I think one practice a day in pads is enough nowadays with all the studies and the physicality of this football game, this sport. We have enough. We'll get enough done.”

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