Saturday, August 8, 2015

Redskins Coach Jay Gruden comments Day 9 Redskins Training Camp by Redskins PR

August 8, 2015
Washington Redskins Training Center - Richmond, Va.

Head Coach Jay Gruden 

Redskins Coach Jay Gruden  James Murphy  CCS
On the skirmishes today:
“Tempers flared. I don't know who started what. We tried as a staff – Coach [Bill] O'Brien and myself tried to make it clear that wasn't acceptable behavior. Unfortunately, it wasn't two people. It was a group of men that was escalated very quickly. For whatever reason it escalated into a nasty brawl, so we separated the teams and just finished practice on our own.”

On deciding to separate practice:
“Initially we had a couple on our field on the offensive field, and I was just going to cut that period out and have everybody go to the side, let everybody cool down and finish practice, but then the other one broke out on the other field and it wasn't worth it. Injuries take place. Obviously, it wasn't a good situation, but we missed an opportunity to get better today against a good team. A lot will be written about that, what happened today. But really we had two excellent days against them and I appreciate them coming. It's an unfortunate happening.”

On if he felt today was wasted:
“Yeah, I do. On the other side, we had quite a few guys down, some guys taking a rest day today. We're a little bit banged up and we need this day off tomorrow for our players to recover. I do wish we had that practice. We had some red zone, some two-minute, some great situational work we were going to do today. Unfortunately, we didn't get it done. Weather had probably a little bit to do with the energy levels of the players, I don't know. It is what it is and we still got some work done though.”

On the status of the players following the skirmishes:
“Yeah, I think everybody is fine. I don't think there's any new injuries to report. Matt Jones re-tweaked his knee a little bit. I think that’s the only new injury we have but he’s going to be fine.”
On if he had a sense that this might happen
“No, not at all. I thought the first two days were outstanding. It was good work, really. Going in full pads this day, the last day, the rain, the weather, the crowd… you could see everybody was a little anxious to get the practice in and put in a little bit extra in finishing runs and all that stuff. You could sense a little bit but what happened there you can’t really control. You try to control, but unfortunately it happened.”

On positive takeaways from the joint practices:
“I think there’s a lot, really. We got great work for a lot of young guys, situational work, like I said. We got [Brandon] Scherff and Morgan Moses and J.J. Watt. We got scheme, we got quarterbacks seeing a different scheme, we got a lot of great work for young defensive backs, young defensive linemen. So it’s another chance for them to get on tape and see what they have against other teams’ players. Sometimes when you’re going against each other all throughout training camp, you don't really have a sense of how well they’re doing because they’re going against the same guy all the time. But when we go against different people, it's a great measuring stick for both sides and for us to look at the young guys."

On if linebacker Ryan Kerrigan’s day off today was planned:

“Yes. This is really the toughest stretch throughout the season. We go four, five days in a row now without a break sometimes, so some of the veterans we’ll give a day off who’s coming off an injury – like Kerrigan, like Trent [Williams], like D-Hall would have had one today had he been OK.”

On tackles Willie Smith and Tom Compton:
“Willie’s been out with a little bit of that Achilles deal. He was getting some work here yesterday and today, so I was anxious to see how he’s progressed but I don’t have a lot to go on with shoulder pads on. He’s going to get a lot of great work, obviously in the Cleveland game and the preseason games and moving forward. Tom  is a valuable player for this football team because he can play left tackle, right tackle, left guard, right guard. He probably could play center. He’s still in here competing his butt off and not giving up by any means the starting job. But he’s going to come out… knowing that you have a guy that could play four positions effectively is very, very important for this team.”

On if he’ll rethink joint practices in the future:
"No, I think the only think I’ll rethink is going three straight days in pads. I think against New England last year we were probably two days and then we went in shorts the day before a game. I think three days in a row is probably too much. These guys get a little… The third day in shorts there is no way they can really fight cause there is no contact. We thought it was important to get the work in for a lot of our young guys and our preseason game is not until Thursday so we had time to do this. So that would be the only thing I would rethink but I think these are very, very valuable. Like I said, I appreciate Coach O'Brien coming here and the Houston Texans. I know they are sick about what happened today as we are but that happened and we just have got to move on."

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