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Redskins Cornerback Chris Culliver comments from Day 4 Redskins Training Camp by Redskins PR

August 2, 2015
Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center – Richmond, Va.

Cornerback Chris Culliver

On the chemistry and potential of the secondary:

"I think overall the defense is coming along good. We’re just bringing everything together. Like you said, D-Hall, he’s coming back, looking good out there. I think we’re excited for each other to be playing with each other against opponents. So I think it’s an exciting moment right now."

On how he and cornerback DeAngelo Hall complement each other:
"I always admired D-Hall’s game, and he told me the same thing. Like I said, it’s pretty much just being happy, being out there together and being able to compete with each other. Some things he sees and I don’t see. He’s a little older, so I try to pick his brain for some things that he see and I don’t see, so the communication and the brotherhood is there.  We’re just putting it together and just continuing to grow."

On wide receivers DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garçon and the receiving corps:

"We’ve got a good group of receivers. As you mentioned, we’ve got them two [Jackson and Garçon], we’ve got some young guys coming up, and they’re doing phenomenally well. We’re just out there competing, having fun."

On if he has had a chance to talk with linebacker Junior Galette about “off-the-field” issues:
"Yeah, I'm not sure about any of his off-the-field issues. I stick to football and keep it kind of in that sense. But I'm glad to have him as an addition to the team. I'm sure he's going to do a phenomenal job and as you can see his tape proves it all."

On General Manager Scot McCloughan’s conversation with him before he signed with the team:

"Just pretty much the belief in me and just the way I carry myself and try to carry myself in a professional manner. Everything pretty much worked out for the best."

On McCloughan’s response:

"He trusted me. I knew Scot from San Fran and that type of deal, so, you know, a little bit of trust there and he trusted me to get the job done. And I trust in him to believe in me in that aspect."

On if that trust helped:

"Yeah, I feel like that did help me. You know, like I said, just having a little chemistry and him having faith in me and, like I said, me taking care of my part definitely is a positive thing."

On trying to turn his passes defensed into interceptions this season:
"Man, that's my job every day. I try to. RGIII sometimes likes to look my way and then look off, but, like I said, it's just friendly competition out there. And, yeah, I wish all 29 [passes defensed] were 29 picks, but like you said, it's part of the game. I try my best to keep the ball out of the hands of the receivers."

On the talent level in the secondary:

“Oh, I definitely feel like the talent here is special. It’s a good group of guys coming together. Like I said, man, it’s just brotherly love out there. We’re bringing it together and trying to stay positive and keep prevailing and going and going forward. Some things sometime occur out there that we weren’t expecting, but we always push our brothers to keep going and things like that. But, man, things have been wonderful out there – the communication and just the standpoint of just coming together. Everybody out here in camp and just communicating and going through the reps together, you know? So that’s the best way we’re going to be great.”

On safeties Duke Ihenacho and Jeron Johnson:

“Duke and JJ are really good players. They come from the Broncos and Seattle. So, I knew JJ before. Duke is a good player who can contribute a lot to our team also. He’s been out there going at it, running around. Like I said, I don’t have nothing bad to say about those guys. We are just coming together and doing good.”

On how Ihenacho and Johnson compare to each other:

“You know, they are different. Everybody is different in how they play. He has his own tendencies of however he plays or his mentality, how he may backpedal may be different or anything like that… They are both just outstanding players for us. I don’t really see too much of ‘how this person is different, how that person is different.’ It’s just about how to get the scheme correctly how Coach pretty much wants it.”

On the expectations set by Defensive Backs Coach Perry Fewell:

“We talked about that. Just to be good. Pretty much, we don’t want any balls to go over our head obviously, as defenders and keep everything in front of us. That is our first standing point and if we take care of that we’ll just keep on moving forward. Also having bigger goals as far as the most interceptions, I’m sure everybody says that, most defended pass breakups and stuff like that. As long as we do good as a defensive unit and try to go out there and give it back to our offense, at the end of the day, that’s what we care about – getting a W.”

On why players gravitate toward playing for McCloughan:
“Scot is a real down-to-earth player. He will tell you straight up what he is looking for. Also, he wouldn’t be talking to you if you couldn’t provide that. He’s pretty much a straightforward guy.  No sugar coating, no, ‘Hey, uh, this or that.’ Sometimes you get that from different organizations. Scot is a good guy… The things that he is doing, all the coaches and everybody coming in here together, trying to build, just keep this thing going, keep prevailing and keep rising.”

On his history with McCloughan and his first memory of him:
“Actually, I had not met him in person, but I had talked to him at the draft and all of those types of things. I don’t know actually the whole story of obviously what happened or anything like that. I just know he was real interested in me and took a chance on me and, like I said, it kind of started there. You know, whatever happened happened, as far as the Trent Baalke – general manager I think over there – and all of that deal and stuff like that, so I don’t know. But like I said, Scot’s a wonderful guy. The communication and the belief in one another is there. So he does his part, I do my part, and we come together and it’s pretty much working like that.”

On McCloughan’s ability to spot talent:
“Scot, he definitely does have a good… he can find talent. Just like you said, he has a nose for it. He has a niche for it. Sometimes a lot of people like to just see a size or [say], ‘Oh, he has one thing or another,’ but sometimes you have to look deeper into that. It’s not just about how big or just because you have this aspect or that aspect, it’s how you become a football player. How can you see this person potentially growing and becoming a better man and all of those types of things? I just feel like he has a niche for that. That’s his deal. That’s his gift. Like I said, we have a good deal going here and you see everything is going well. We’re trying to keep it together and keep rising.”

On how a strong pass rush can help a cornerback:

“It does everything. It lets me steal anything. It lets me pretty much just watch them rush and watch them get to the quarterback. Them disrupting the quarterback or getting back in the pocket fast or hands up — anything like that — always disrupting the quarterback and if I’m positive to the receiver, that’s positive for us. Maybe an interception, maybe a tipped ball from, like you said, [Junior] Galette or one of the guys — an overthrow or something like that. It definitely affects the quarterback when you have great guys rushing and things like that, especially for the secondary. So it’s going to be interesting. I’m excited even to talk about it so you’re going to see it out there, like I said, we’re going to put it together and just keep going.”

On leadership and how he helps the rookies become professionals:

“You know, really some of the guys you can kind of see it in each individual. Like you said, everybody has their own niche. I actually have a guy right now, a rookie, [Kyshoen] Jarrett. He’s actually working out and sometimes being a rookie, they don’t know about lifting weights kind of every day or doing the extra stuff. Just because you come out and play football, it’s not over. That’s what we’re just are trying to teach the young guys to keep doing extra stuff, because the extra stuff helps you to be great.”

On what he learned about winning in San Francisco and how that will help him in Washington:
“It’s hard to win, it’s hard to win in this business. I’m sure everybody knows that and understands that. It’s kind of like a saying Coach [Jim] Harbaugh used to say, ‘Everything pretty much has to go perfect for us to win the game,’ and if it do, it do. You know, if it’s a tight game about two points, three games, and if it goes in our favor, then it does. I kind of understand what he means. And being a vet and winning and things like that, you definitely have experience. Just giving the guys the outlooks and just the breaking down – I can go on and on. You’re doing good early in the first quarter or something like that, but you know, just because you did good early in the first quarter, the game’s not over. You have got to keep competing, keep being patient, keep obviously focused and using your technique and things like that. Just keep working, you know?”

On if he can automatically bring “a winning attitude” to the Redskins:

“No, you can’t just bring it in… It’s a repetition thing. You have to be out there every day. You have to be out there. It’s not just you wake up out the bed and just get to hop out and everything’s perfect. You know, you have to work on things. You’re going to have some busted coverages. You’re going to have some people being upset about this or upset about that. So you just have to come together, communicate and just work on it together. That’s how you start becoming good and start to get better, once the communication and everything is good across the board, sometimes it’s kind of hard to beat.”

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