Friday, September 19, 2014

Q's Hornet Buzz

WINCHESTER, Va. – Sophomore Qlyl Middelijn is in his first season of blogging about the football program. This week, Q recaps a tough second week of the season for the squad.
Qlyl Middlelijn  #18  WR
Last Saturday's loss against new opponent Frostburg State really put some doubt in a few players. After winning the first game we were all amped and felt like we could never lose again, but the loss to Frostburg brought us back down to Earth and made us realize that it is extremely hard to win college football games.
We are a better team than last year and we are still proving it to the SU community and ourselves. We can't hang our heads over one game; Frostburg is over and now it's time to prepare for Ferrum.
Throughout the week we have fixed the mistakes made against FSU and eliminated them completely from our minds. Taking one game at a time is how we will succeed on Saturdays. Looking back and focusing on why we didn't win will not help us get the 'W' for tomorrow's game.
Practices have always been intense, but this week Coach Yoder added something new and different to the practice schedule. At the end of practice, the offense attempts to score on the defense. If the offense is successful in scoring within two drives down the field, the defense has to do up-downs with the offense returning the favor in the event they don't score.
This drill increased the competitiveness of the players. Offense succeeded and scored on every drive this week. That's the kind of excitement we need to stay hungry and excited for the game against Ferrum. We will stay hungry but also humble on Saturday night. We cannot step out on the field already thinking this will be an easy win. If and when we win, it will be because we have prepared physically and mentally for this game.
The Hornets will be dressed in all RED for the game; we encourage every student to wear red for the game to show your support.
Go Hornets!  #RedDawn

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