Friday, February 8, 2013

Dulles District Champions Gallery by Moe Murphy

PURCELLVILLE, VA- Clarke County Sports salutes all the wrestlers who competed in the Dulles District this year and is proud to post the Champions Gallery. Please feel free to download the photo's for your enjoyment.  All photo's by Moe Murphy..Results courtesy of Dan "Fleeing the Mat" Sousa visit his site at

2012-13 Dulles District Wrestling Champions and Medal Winners
1: Brandon Thein (JR) Dominion
2: Dylan Sieng (SO) Park View
3: Magid Abdo (JR) Briar Woods
4: Derek Raschid (SO) Loudoun Valley
5: Joey Sgerella (FR) Woodgrove

1: Cade Kiely (FR) Loudoun Valley
2: Dylan Shockey (SO) Woodgrove
3: Sam Brazzer (JR) Tuscarorra
4: Devyn Kreb (FR) Champe
5: Louis Ives (SR) Potomac Falls

1: Brian Monroy (JR) Loudoun County
2: Chris Walker (JR) Woodgrove
3: Alex McCord (SO) Tuscarora
4: Tamim Murshidi (SR) Briar Woods
5: Spencer Hurrell (FR) Potomac Falls

1: Michael Hulcher (JR) Briar Woods
2: Matt Sun (SR) Loudoun County
3: Kyle Dillon (JR) Loudoun Valley
4: Fletcher Davis (FR) Heritage
5: Austin Enriques (JUR) Potomac Falls

1: Joe Larock (SO) Woodgrove
2: Micklos Zahora (SO) Briar Woods
3: Christian Sierra (SO) Loudoun Valley
4: Joey Betts (SO) Dominion
5: Jose Rodriquez (SR) Loudoun County
1: Logan Smith (SR) Loudoun County
2: Zachary Gingras (JR) Loudoun Valley
3: Zach Chastain (SR) Park View
4: Peter Mysak (SO) Woodgrove
5: Riaz Alawi (SR) Potomac Falls

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1: Omer Nezam (JR) Potomac Falls
2: Luke Segerdahl (SR) Woodgrove
3: Luke Rivera (SO) Loudoun County
4: Herny Liu (JR) Champe
5: Will Siryani (JR) Tuscarora
1: Jake David (SO) Woodgrove
2: Anthony Oswald (SR) Potomac Falls
3: Micah Hotz (JR) Park View
4: CJ Mills (SO) Loudoun County
5: Brandon Rafferty (JR) Champe

1: Hunter Day (JR) Loudoun County
2: Zack Durkin (SR) Briar Woods (injured)
3: Joe Cavallaro (SR) Woodgrove
4: Garrett Griffith (SO) Potomac Falls
5: Kealan Miller (SO) Dominion
1: Josh Cassada-Maple (SR) Loudoun Valley
2: Mitchell Stevens (JR) Loudoun County
3: Ted Haugen (JR) Potomac Falls
4: Alejandro Avelar (SO) Tuscarora
5: Brian Cvilikas (SR) Woodgrove
1: Alex Reader (SR) Loudoun County
2: Jimmy Mckeown (JR) Potomac Falls
3: John Williams (SR) Loudoun Valley
4: Jack Wehr (SR) Woodgrove
5: Marvin Ventura (JR) Dominion
1: Zach Causey (SR) Potomac Falls
2: Bryan Capozzoli (SO) Briar Woods
3: Tyler Cole (SO) Woodgrove
4: Lucas Giusto (SR) Heritage
5: Sammy Soto (SR) Loudoun County
1: Bryan Barahona (SR) Park View
2: Sid Byers (JR) Loudoun Valley
3: Jarrett Bramhall (JR) Woodgrove
4: Kyle Schlue (SO) Loudoun County
5: Trevor Raymont (SR) Potomac Falls
1: Ronald Cruz (SR) Park View
2: Dylan O'Connor (SR) Woodgrove
3: Caleb Trump (JR) Loudoun Valley
4: Forest Saunders (SO) Potomac Falls
5: Adeeb Atariwa (FR) Dominion


All Photo's by Michael "Moe" Murphy / Clarke County Sports  © 2003-2013

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