Thursday, November 22, 2012

Zema "Chief Z" Williams forgives bad fans

    Chief Z is loved by fans of all ages....
                    Photo by Moe Murphy
By: Michael "Moe" Murphy
Redskins Correspondent

LANDOVER-Nov. 12, 2012 The Washington Redskins Hall of Fame Mascot and Ambassador of Good Will Zema Williams was on hand at FedEx Field today as the Redskins hosted the Philadelphia Eagles.

Williams, better known as Chief Z has been putting smiles on fans faces his entire career and can be seen roaming on the sideline and stands at FedEx Field. Not only is he a huge favorite of the Redskins fans, but the opposing fans love to pose with the Chief.

When asked about how he felt about the fans in Philadephia who physically harmed him years ago, the Chief responded : "It's just a game man, and I have no problem with the [Philadelphia] fans. I love them too, God Bless Them."

In the 80th year of the Washington Redskins, the Chief has stood the test of time as the teams Greatest Fan of All Time. 

The Chief speaks with Moe Murphy at FedEx Field
Field Camera Operator: William "Billy" Ector

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